Congratulations, you have been selected for the Leadership Board, Class of 2016-2017. You were hand selected from a large group of high school lacrosse players in North Texas. As a Leadership Board member, you will help directly oversee an afterschool lacrosse program in an urban neighborhood of North Texas. Your commitment to the Leadership Board helps continue to strengthen our mission of using lacrosse to broaden the horizons of our community's youth.


Next Steps

  1. Your parent/guardian must fill out the form below, this will confirm your acceptance to the Leadership Board
  2. Submit $250 Membership Dues
    • Online or Check to Bridge Lacrosse PO BOX 190844 Dallas TX 75219
  3. Attend Mandatory Training


  • Confirmation and Dues | Sept 11th
  • Mandatory Training | Sept 11th
  • Fall Season Begins | Sept 19 - Nov 17
  • Fall Festival | Nov 19
  • Spring Training | Jan 14
  • Spring Clinics | TBD
  • Team Visits | TBD

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In addition, I give permission to Bridge Lacrosse to use photographs or video recordings of each Leadership Board member for print or electronic media for the purposes of marketing our mission in urban communities.
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